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Launch Center Pro 2.3


June 11, 2014

Today marks the release of Launch Center Pro 2.3, a huge update to one of my favorite apps. This update is not a big visual change like LCP 2.0 was, but instead focuses on making significant improvements under the hood and adding new features. With 2.3, Contrast has revamped the LCP URL handler, making huge leaps in stability and usability with nested input tags, a new list builder tool, and an encoding helper overhaul. Tacking on powerful new features such as IFTTT and Giphy integration, the [action] and [contact] tags, direct links to Dropbox files, location triggers and the awesome new LC Callback actions, Launch Center Pro 2.3 marks another new chapter in iOS automation.

I had a few thousand words written on the update and almost ready to post for this article, but seeing Eric Pramono's post on this subject, he seems to have already taken care of that for me. I'll save my words for the update to my Launch a Center Pro guide on MacStories, which you should look for some time next week.

In the mean time, if you're curious about the new features available in LCP 2.3, check out Eric's post (linked above) as well as Federico Viticci's post on MacStories.