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The Cross Post Action

October 28, 2013

The Cross Post action takes a draft (or a prompt in Launch Center Pro) and automatically posts it to both Twitter and App.net.


Before running Cross Post, make sure you open up the code after you import it and change “USERNAME” at the very end of it to your own specific Twitter username, otherwise the action will give an error.

Direct Import Link for Cross Post Action

Launch Center Pro

Porting the Cross Post action to Launch Center Pro was surprisingly more complex than I expected. Launch Center does not have support for posting to App.net, so we will use Drafts for that instead. Furthermore, Launch Center does not sustain variables across actions, meaning that we would have to have an input prompt for the Tweet action, and then another prompt for the Post to App.net action. Ultimately it becomes far easier to just write the prompt once and send it to Drafts to manipulated, where the same text can be reused.

Since we start in LCP, it seems logical that we would want to end there as well, so the Drafts actions will end with a callback to return to Launch Center. This complicates things, however, because Drafts has an issue with rushing through actions when they are all performed in-app. In other words, if we do this all in a single action, as would seem logical, first cross posting with the Cross Post action, then chaining back to Launch Center in the callback, Drafts will run past the Cross Post action before it actually finishes, triggering the callback and launching LCP before the task has actually successfully posted to both networks. In order to compensate for this odd behavior, we have to split the action into two different ones. The first action will Post to App.net, then chain back and call the second action. The second action will Tweet, then chain back and launch LCP. This method will properly delay Drafts long enough for it to complete both actions before launching LCP again.

Here are the necessary actions:

Launch Center Pro Actions

Direct Import Link for Cross Post Action

Drafts Actions:

Direct Import Link for launchpro-crosspost Action

Direct Import Link for launchpro-crosspost2 Action