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The Import Actions

October 26, 2013

The first action ever posted to The Axx, it makes sense for the new Import Actions to be the first ones posted to The (new) Axx as well. These actions simply make importing new actions a lot easier by allowing you to type out the actions clearly in either Drafts or (now) Launch Center Pro instead of using the ugly and difficult to navigate new action area of Drafts. Once you’ve typed them out in a more friendly environment, just run an import action to have them automatically imported into your action list or Launch Center Pro setup.

The Import Actions action, for Drafts, allows you to import an infinite list of actions into your Drafts action list. If you are only importing a single action, just make sure your first line is the title for the action, and your second line is the code itself. If you are importing multiple actions, group them in sets of two lines in the same format as the single action would be, but separate each pair of lines with one completely blank line.

Drafts Actions

Import Actions requires two actions to be installed. The first is the actual Import Actions action, which you will run to import your actions. The second is the importURL action, which does the actual importing. importURL is the only one actually necessary if you are only importing a single action, but having them both keeps things simple. The Import Actions action includes an “allowEmpty=NO” parameter to stop the recursive action when it tries to run on a blank draft, bringing the sequence to an end once all the actions in the list have been imported.


Here are direct import links for the Drafts Import Actions Action:

Direct Import Link for Import Actions Action

Direct Import Link for Import URL Action

Launch Center Pro

Launch Center Pro does not support x-callback-url in their /import URL scheme, but if you have a single action you want to build in Drafts and import into LCP, you can do so by importing the following Drafts action and typing your LCP action in the same format displayed above. Just remember to use Launch Center Pro variables instead of Drafts variable tags.

Direct Import Link for Import LCP Action

Launch Center Pro Actions

If you prefer to write your actions from Launch Center Pro, then import them into Drafts, or write your LCP actions in the same manner as you write Drafts action, but keep it contained in LCP, you can do so with the following Launch CEnter PRo actions.


Make sure you have the Import Actions action from above installed in Drafts, then run this action in LCP. The action will give you two prompts, the first is for the title of your action, the second is for the action URL. Hit Launch from the second prompt and the rest should happen automatically. When complete, the callback will send you back to Launch Center Pro.

Direct Import Link for Import Drafts Action Action

Launch Center Pro

Run this action to get the same prompts as for the Drafts version, but they will cause an LCP action to be imported. It would probably be easier to just use the built in action composer in Launch Center, as it’s much more versatile than the one in Drafts, but I’ve provided this option anyway, just in case.

Direct Import Action for Import LCP Action Action