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Some Fixes for Unapologetic


November 3, 2014

Finally got around to making a few updates to Unapologetic that I've been procrastinating for months.

First, updated the About page which has been very out of date for quite some time. The old About page was extremely long and detailed, which I decided that was unnecessary. Now it's short and sweet and just gives some details on myself, the site's design, and a rundown of the tools I use to work on it.

Secondly, and likely most importantly, I finally got around to looking into why my RSS feed has never worked on a few feed aggregation services (most prominently: Feedly). I believe I found the root of my problem and fixed it, so if anyone has been unable to subscribe over RSS, I'd appreciate it if you gave it another try to see if I've fixed the issue.

If you hadn't noticed, I also created an Archive page a few weeks ago, so the site should be loading a bit faster since the home index.html is a significantly smaller file now.

With those big tasks off my list, the next thing I'll eventually get around to is making the RSS feed a full content feed and setting things up to move files to the Archive automatically (right now I'm just moving them over manually whenever I decide there's too many). I also want to do some more work on the Archive page, because its current implementation was thrown together in about 20 minutes. Finally, I am eventually planning on adding search to the site, and that one is by far the most daunting.

I'm not giving a release date for those features because I barely have time to even write on the site at the moment (▼)(▲)College is extremely time consuming this semester (my physics and discrete sctructures classes are terrible and take nearly all my free time each week). I'm hoping for a respite and more time for Unapologetic and other projects during the spring semester, where I've tried to put together an easier schedule., but they'll come eventually.