On the off chance that you both found this area and also still enjoy playing Letterpress, I'm @ajguyot on Game Center, try me.

is written by Alex Guyot.


Alex Guyot (▼)(▲) Guyot: "gee" as in "geese", then "yo" as in that purple app everyone used for a week and forgot about. The "t" is silent.

Or just mispronounce it, I'm used to it.
is a writer, web developer, youth leader, soccer player, coffee lover, and technology enthusiast. Residing in Tucson, Arizona, Alex can usually be found taking refuge from the searing heat at a local coffee shop, where he does most of the writing for this website. In his spare time Alex is a full time student majoring in Computer Science at the University of Arizona.

If you enjoy what you read here, you can find more from Alex on MacStories, where he is a regular contributor.

The Design

Unapologetic features a handcrafted interface designed with simplicity and fun in mind. The six main colors used throughout the site call back to the original Apple logo, subtly referencing the site's main subject matter while also lending it a playful and inviting feel. Unapologetic is fully responsive, adjusting itself based on screen size to give readers an optimal viewing experience on any device.

Unapologetic employs a variety of weights within two beautiful font families, Gotham and Whitney. The juxtaposition of the friendly curves of Gotham with the opinionated straights of small caps Whitney aligns perfectly with Unapologetic’s overall objectives and design aesthetic. These fonts are brought to Unapologetic through the incredible cloud.typography webfont service offered by Hoefler & Co.

The Apps

Unapologetic was developed from the ground up with the amazing Coda 2.

Articles written on my Mac are typed in iA Writer Pro.

Articles written on my iPad or (on rare occasions) my iPhone are typed in Editorial, although Drafts is often used as a starting point for link posts due to its fantastic web capture extension.

Regardless of where I begin typing them, all articles are posted from Editorial on my iPad using a Python script I wrote. The script handles the conversion from Markdown to HTML, the custom code for my slide-down footnotes and share sheets, updating the RSS feed, and uploading the article to the proper locations on my server.

The Services

The Unapologetic.io domain name was purchased, and is managed at Hover.com (who else?). Hover provides simplified domain management, and is truly an amazing service.

Unapologetic is hosted at Host Gator.

Stats are tracked using Mint.

The Code

Unapologetic was written from scratch in HTML 5, and styled by CSS 3 and Javascript. Posts are written in Markdown, then properly formatted and converted to HTML being uploaded to the site.

The Unapologetic RSS feed is written in valid RSS.


If you have any feedback regarding the content I post here, feel free to get in touch. I read everything that is sent to me, although I may not always have time to respond. (▼)(▲)Fair warning: I am absolutely dismal at email. I promise that if you send me an email I will read it, but with balancing college, work, writing here, and life in general, email always seems to fall through the cracks in terms of getting responses out. If you can fit it in 140 characters, I much prefer tweets and am much more likely to respond to feedback on Twitter.